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RECEPTION #145106 - Riveria Maple

The reception desk: different solutions for different situations for different people…

Your creativity might require a dedicated team to understand your idea and translate your drawings into a practical piece of furniture.  At Minshew Company we welcome this kind of challenge.


These installations show Three H design flexibility due to the extensive range of components available.

The Reception Desk. Classic style or… flashy, efficient, design…  we can make either for you.  We can even make a classic-flashy-efficientlydesigned piece, if that’s what you want. Just send us your plan and tell us your favorite color!

Maple, Storm Gray, Cocoa or Sycamore… friendly counters, translucent barriers, rows of pigeonholes, mountains of storage, Minshew Co.  will create the reception desk you have in mind and make it fit the space you have planned. You’ll have to supply the welcoming smile.

Reception #145107

Reception #145108
Direct, definitive,...you add the smile!

Reception #108161
Friendly counters, translucent barriers, rows of pigeonholes, mountains of storage!

Reception #108161
Extensive range of components, finish and color choices, ...true personalization.

  • low hutches
  • translucent panels
  • curved surfaces
  • counters
  • choice of edges
  • finishes
  • color combinations
  • extensive possibilities!

Greeting Customers...

Promoting a corporate image...

Providing a practical administrative workspace...easy!


Minshew Co. and Three H 

- they deliver success!


Jerry Minshew - Houston, TX

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