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The Grand Office - Sunset

Executive Suite #144334


Three H executive suites means - "office furniture tailored for business executives."  They have a fondness for the visual appeal of wood, the purity of lines, the softness of wood edges…pure elegance and real value.


The graceful lines of the table-desk contrast with the grandeur imparted by the very high wall unit.


Notice the vertical grain of the Sunset finish.  This can be bookmatched from top to bottom, even on drawer fronts, upon request. 


Table desk with curved top, curved modesty panel, suspended half pedestal.


Modular storage cabinets with common top, wood back panel.


Bridge with integrated halogen lighting.

Three H designs allow you to organize your files, keep papers handy and private, provides generous storage space, and there are special places to display original art work or your proud accomplishments.


Minshew Company can assist you in building an exculisive wall unit according to your priorities.

  • Wood finish without the wood problems
  • Superior design without the hefty price tag
  • Innovative design of Three H
  • Efficiency of Minshew Company

Let us bring you the best there is to offer for your executive needs.




For a quote, questions, or more information contact Jerry Minshew at mailto:minshew@earthlink.net



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